Developments in design reveal changes in the way people think, feel and exist. Design works as an avenue for aspirational communities to create new forms of beauty and refine sentimental styles. Looking ahead to next year, bathroom and kitchen designs will be influenced by radical colours, structural architecture, timeless nostalgia and sensory textures.

Experiment with the avant-garde

Drawing from impressionism, designers will be finding architectural inspiration from radical art to push the boundaries for what is expected of interior design. Balancing evocative patterns with flecks of colours will steer designers further from muted whites and polished marble. 

Vivid colours and handmade textiles will dominate interior decorating colour palettes and patterns. Eclectic designs will lean into using signature furniture pieces to merge styles and textures that feel timeless and uniquely personal.

Patterns to look for: stripes, geometric, artisanal and abstract.

A splash of colour

Moving past the monochromatics and minimal aesthetics, designers will introduce colour into spaces through bold feature walls and subtle accents. 

A focus on wellness and escapism, the serene hue of lavender will be featured as the signature colour in bathroom designs. The soothing shade emanates a more grounded, livable energy to refresh homes.

Warm colours like orange and pink will boldly command attention throughout the year, with more design trends looking to position the ambitious shades against sand and walnut tones. A matt pink concrete basin showcases a nostalgic playfulness when designed alongside satin brass accessories.

Colours to look out for: lavender, red latex, verdigris, cherry blossom and brown sand.

Exposed natural materials

Going back to basics can give us instant relief from our busy lives. The orbit around organic trends will see more people adding natural elements in their bathroom interior. 

Working well in modern, coastal and eclectic styles, natural materials add a touch of authenticity and warmth for a sensory experience. Stripped back wood and exposed concrete will be the foundation for bathroom structures and kitchen layouts.

Organic materials are an artistic visual, adding an earthy depth with unique textures and character markings. Concrete basins emanate the look and feel of traditionally carved out stone, while accessorising with teak bath mats and amenities elevate the space into a tropical paradise.

Materials to look for: metal, wood, concrete, natural and recycled.

Emerging nostalgia

From fashion and furniture to wallpaper and decorations, design always revisits the past to come full circle. With a 70s resurgence on the horizon, bathroom designs lean into simple shapes with daring colours. A sophisticated homage to the disco era, the design elements will work with exposed brick, leather, rattan and rich tactile textures.

A push toward mid-century styles will see completely wooden kitchen cabinets and benches with copper handles, using straight grained timber contrasted against contemporary fixtures. Sharp and discreet cabinet pulls are a simple way to unify modern trends with nostalgic tastes.

Eras to look out for: 70s revival, mid-century, industrial 90s and streamline moderne.

Concept architecture

Drawing closer attention to the room layouts, Renaissance aesthetics are returning to defining bathroom and kitchen spaces. Contrast against rectangular rooms and sharp walls, arches play with the visual dimensions of hallways and entry points.

Lights will serve as an architectural anchor, working with the structure and layout of kitchens to highlight subtle features while enhancing functionality. The layout, colour scheme and lighting will inform the colour accents and distinctive fixtures.

Structures to look out for: arches, lighting pendants and open showers.